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With most companies utilising multiple “best-of-breed" applications that specialise in meeting specific needs, integrating data, systems and software applications used throughout a business can be one of the biggest challenges IT departments face.

Application or system integration orchestrates the interconnection of processes and data exchanges between software applications or systems. This can involve the use of an Application Programming Interface (API), a set of procedures or functions that specify how software components should interact, events and actions or a “trigger” in the connected applications such as an order being received that subsequently sets in motion actions like creating or updating data.

Once data has been integrated across your applications, you only need to enter data once and it will be automatically distributed throughout the connected applications instead of having to enter the same data into each one. This reduces human error and ensures the data is consistent across your systems.

Application, system and data integration solutions we provide

By working with Anykey you gain access to our wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We will work with you to discover which integration solution would best fit the systems and data integrations needs of your business. Our integration solutions are flexible and can be customised to create a bespoke solution to work with your unique blend of software applications and platforms.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration allows for integration for on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. It provides an automated and closed-loop lifecycle across multiple styles of enterprise integration. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration drives new engagement models, integrates more efficiently and reduces security risk and offers capabilities including:

  • Manage your entire API ecosystem
  • Integrate applications and data
  • Enterprise messaging
  • Event streaming
  • High-speed data transfer
  • End-to-end security between environments

Anykey is an IBM Certified Cloud Pak for Integration Business Partner and have been working with various banks in Mozambique on their integration/messaging requirements.

LANSA Composer

LANSA Composer is a business process integration suite designed for getting business transactions in and out of your business systems. Composer can handle the many challenging integration and processes businesses need to manage and streamlines how data is exchanged, processed, and monitored among internal systems, external trading partners, and the cloud.

  • Supports popular transport protocols including FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, IBM MQ Messaging
  • Visual mapping tool for defining inbound/outbound data transformations
  • Process orchestration for combining transport, transformation and custom business processing

LANSA Integrator

LANSA Integrator is middleware that provides tools and services to simplify exchanging data between applications and transferring documents and files between businesses. The APIs and built-in functions result in faster development and implementation of application-to-application data exchanges, business-to-business document transfer and data interchanges as well as automating manual business data integration.

  • Application-to-application data exchanges
  • Business-to-business document transfer and data interchanges
  • Simplifies data integration solution design and reduces development effort


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