IBM i Application Modernisation and Transformation Services

The IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) is one of the most reliable and best-performing computer platforms for running business applications. The tried-and-true applications underpinning the success of many companies are often customised to meet the specialist needs of that business.

Over time, most companies amass a stable of disparate applications to meet specific needs that often require manual processes to enter the same data into multiple applications. Integrating these systems, applications, or data can reduce errors and ensure consistent data across your application portfolio.

Why modernise your applications?

By adding a modern and familiar mobile or web interface to your existing applications, you can increase employee satisfaction and reduce the training time of new staff.

Streamlining business processes where needed can further help modernise and improve the efficiency of your applications, so they continue to support your business into the future.

There is no need to modernise the entire application. Anykey can help you assess which parts of your applications will gain the most benefit from updating.

Update as much or as little of your applications as you need or fits your budget:

  • Update the look of your application screens
  • Improve the flow of your business process
  • Integrate applications so data only needs to be entered once
  • Create a new over-arching modern interface over multiple applications

Our Process/Methodology:

  • Assess your current applications to see where you could gain the most benefit from modernisation.

  • Work with you to spec out any new or changed business processes

  • Develop the modernised portion of your application


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