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Simplify your software development process with automated end-to-end ALM

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions can help simplify the process of making sure your IT requests, projects, changes, and releases are consistently viewed, tracked, and managed across your entire IT organisation. This can include service desk, application development, both building and releasing packages, and network operations. It will give you ultimate management of all IT-related issues, assets, applications, and processes.

What’s more, because the automated workflow processes are repeatedly captured and recorded, you are guaranteed to get the detailed reports needed to easily achieve IT compliance.

Application lifecycle management solutions we provide

By working with Anykey you gain access to our wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We can implement an ALM solution that will help formalise the process of and improve the quality of software that your application development team builds.

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager for IBM i

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager helps to streamline your entire development workflow for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) applications and establish repeatable, automated change management and compliance processes. Improve efficiency and productivity by automating and managing everything that happens in the software development lifecycle from when a change request is received until when the solution is delivered into production.

  • Reduce the complexity of deploying updates
  • Helps enforce your DevOps workflow processes
  • Increase the quality of your software


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