Performance Monitoring & IT Capacity Planning Services

Our performance monitoring and capacity planning services ensure that you gain maximum utilisation from your investment in your IT systems.

System performance monitoring services

Slow IT systems can cost your business lost employee productivity and create sheer employee frustration. Our server performance monitoring services for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400), AIX and Linux on Power systems assess the health and utilisation of system resources and determine if your server performance aligns with user expectations. Performance monitoring also helps with capacity planning by understanding the server's system resource usage over time.

  • Monitor server availability/up-time and check for any data loss.
  • Monitor server response time and network latency.
  • Check the server capacity, user load and speed of the server.
  • Detect issues like not enough free disk capacity or memory and CPU at 100% utilisation etc.

Our Process/Methodology:

  • Discuss the most important KPIs to your business.

  • Install and configure monitoring services/software.

  • Collect system health data and assess the performance..

  • Provide a report on recommendations to improve system performance.

  • Assist with implementing recommendations.

Application performance monitoring services

Application performance monitoring can help predict and prevent problems with your applications before they negatively affect your users or your business. Anykey can implement and configure application performance monitoring software for IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) to gather the information needed to ensure that your business applications meet performance standards and identify bugs and potential issues early to help reduce resolution times.

Our Process/Methodology:

  • Identify the applications most integral to running your business.

  • Install and configure monitoring services/software.

  • Collect application health data and assess the performance.

  • Provide a report on recommendations to improve application performance.

  • Assist with implementing recommendations.

Capacity planning services

Our IT capacity planning services assess your business requirements and ensure that your IT systems deliver when it matters most. Avoid slow and offline IT systems hindering the success of your business and ensure that you can keep up with customer needs.

  • Balance the cost with the capacity to make sure you are only paying for what is needed./li>
  • Ensure the ability to deal with high-demand or busy seasonal periods, so your IT systems support your business when you need it most.
  • Assess the impact of planned business or application changes to ensure your IT systems can meet growth requirements.

Our Process/Methodology:

  • Discuss your plans and any pain points and bottlenecks.

  • Analyse your systems and how they are performing.

  • Review current service levels and contracts for services.

  • Provide a report with recommendations.

  • Help you implement those recommendations.


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