Systems Health Check Services

By conducting regular IT system health checks, you can minimise server downtime. A health check can also ensure your system can support any planned software upgrades and proceed with minimal impact on the operation of the business.

Anykey can perform regular health checks either onsite or remotely and provide assistance and recommendation on improving your system health and day-to-day administration to keep your systems functioning at an optimum level.

The benefits of conducting regular systems health checks:

  • Avoid system down-time by assessing resource utilisation and upgrade before it becomes a critical failure
  • Become aware of potential hardware failures before they occur
  • Address security issues by ensuring all upgrades and patches are applied
  • Check for upgrade readiness and whether the system can support your business in the future

Our Process/Methodology:

  • Discuss your requirements and get to understand your business.

  • Conduct an assessment of each of your servers and IT equipment.

  • Provide a report with recommendations for where you can achieve improvements.

  • Help you implement the recommended changes.


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